Summer camps in government schools

Summer camps in government schools
Summer camps in government schools

Summer camps in government schools

Summer camps in government schools

No. OOSC/PESRP/TALEEM/2022/26863
Program Monitoring and Implementation Unit
Punjab Education Sector Reform Programme
School Education Department,
Punjab Govt
Link Wahdat Road, Old NEEC Building, Lahore
Date: Lahore; March 28, 2023
Chief Executive Officers (DEAS),
Bahawalpur, DG Khan, RY Khan, Muzaffargarh, Mianwali.
Nomination of Teachers for Learning Campus on FLN

During summer vacation 2023
PMIU-PESRP Access, Learning, Equity,
and Education Management (TALEEM) program, including subcomponent 1.2
“Extending formal schooling to the informal” is concerned with designing and operationalising.
3-month learning camps for at-risk enrolled and out-of-school children of primary age
1,954 schools were shortlisted in five (05) selected districts of Bahawalpur, Dera Ghazi Khan.
Rahim Yar Khan, Muzaffargarh and Mianwali.
After detailed deliberations, the sub-committee was tasked by the school.
The Education Department has recommended finalization of various forms of this component.
Conducting these educational camps during the summer vacations (June – August) of this year
2023) to reinforce the core SLOs as a catch-up program to address grave
The problem of poor academic performance of students.
According to the final recommendations, these educational camps will be held from 7
9:30 a.m. 5 days a week during summer vacation (Monday to Friday)
1,954 teachers designated for each of the camps. There will be nominated teachers.
Monthly compensation is paid for the duration of these educational camps. For the stated
Activity, Guidelines are attached as Appendix A.

Considering the compact timeline, you are requested to share as required.
Information as per proforma (shared through email on your respective official email.
2023 to the following email:
addresses) by Tuesday, 04 April
Additional Program Director
Director of Monitoring, School Education Department
Deputy Secretary (Acade), School Education, South Punjab
PSO to Program Director, PMIU-PESRP
Office file.
Guidelines for Nomination of Teachers for Learning Campuses
Assistant Education Officers (AEOS) will finalize the nomination of teachers.
Learning campuses with the following considerations:-
Annex A

At least 2 teachers should be nominated (1 nominated teacher and 1 on standby).
Teachers’ track record, performance, and attendance should be met.
Heaviest weightage in finalizing the nomination.

The teacher should be ready to teach in the summer vacation learning camp.
This includes working in non-traditional classroom settings.
The teacher must have the willingness and ability to make the required effort.
Register for a learning camp. This may include reaching out to parents.
and community members to promote the camp and encourage enrollment.
The teacher should be well-reputed and well-informed in the local community.
of local community dynamics. This will help build trust with the community.
and create a positive learning environment.
The teacher must be flexible and adaptable to the changing needs of the learner.
A camp environment may include adjusting teaching methods to suit needs.
of students.

Entry criteria

The minimum expected enrollment target is 30 students per camp. CEOS, AEOS and
HTs to ensure target attainment.
OOSC enrollment ratio shall be at least 20% of total enrollment.
Camp (ie at least 12 OOSC or more per camp).

Compensation standard

. Remuneration: PKR 18,000/month.
Retention premium (PKR 1000/OOSC up to a maximum of PKR 10,000) to ensure
Mainstreaming/enrollment of OOSC from learning camps to regular classes.

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