Punjab Government Educational Summer Camp Program 2023 SED Punjab

Punjab Government Educational Summer Camp Program 2023 SED Punjab

Punjab Government Educational Summer Camp Program 2023 SED Punjab

Punjab Government Educational Summer Camp Program 2023 SED Punjab

The Department of School Education, Government of Punjab is organizing an educational summer camp for the first time during the summer vacations of 2023. This is another good step of Punjab government. Government of Punjab is already making many amendments in the education policies and taking steps to improve the quality of education and the policies of the education department.

The best point of this summer camp is to provide free education because the schools will not charge any fee from the students and the students will get the education without any fee. As per the policy, schools will conduct these summer camps with certain conditions considering the impact of hot temperatures and heat waves on children and teachers. For this reason, the government will make sure to arrange the best learning times (summer camp timetable) for the children.

Important points of summer camp

Organizing summer camp is a good step to improve the skills of children. Following are the important points of organizing a summer camp:

Free education/no charge.

The government is providing education absolutely free in these summer camps.

As paying for free school is a huge financial burden on parents. Organizing a free summer camp will make parents happy and satisfied.

Free notebooks, worksheets, workbooks, and stationery supplies
Teachers are the main key figure in imparting education. As the government is providing free stationery, workbooks, and worksheets. The teacher will guide the students to solve these puzzles and activities on worksheets and workbooks. The activities in the worksheets and workbooks will enhance children’s computing and thinking skills. Solving puzzles and doing activities on worksheets and workbooks make lessons and learning very engaging and interesting. Students will enjoy working on the workbooks and worksheets.

Summer camps also help teach the value of hard work and children will learn to believe in themselves to overcome challenges with patience and determination. Learning is a continuous process.

Aim and objective of educational summer camp

The main objective of conducting summer camp during summer vacations is mainly to provide extra classes to the students to improve English Urdu and Maths skills of 05 to 09 year old children.
Enroll after (out of school) improving students’ mental and creative abilities.

Academic Summer Camp Duration

Total duration of summer camp coming in summer vacation 2023 is about 8 weeks (2 months). Teachers will be selected to conduct this summer camp to provide extra coaching classes to the students.

Timing of classes during summer camp

As it is summer season and Punjab government is considering heat waves. Heatstroke attacks children during this season. So the government is organizing the summer camp in the early hours of the day because the timing of the classes during the summer camp will be from 7:30 am to 9:30 am.

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