New Update of E-Rozgar Online Registration 19th April 2023

New Update of E-Rozgar Online Registration 19th April 2023

New Update of E-Rozgar Online Registration 19th April 2023

New Update of E-Rozgar Online Registration 19th April 2023

New e-employment registration has been started If you are not registering for it then here is the complete registration procedure. The government of Pakistan has launched a new program to promote the youth generation in view of rising inflation in Pakistan.

This program will involve people who belong to the younger generation and who are concerned about the future. In any case, the public authority of Pakistan has coordinated every one of the games like games issues and other the travel industry for the young.

The e-Employment program is involving both boys and girls and is designed in such a way that every young generation can apply and after applying they can check their application for free courses to see if they are eligible. Application is anywhere.

E-employment registration

Government of Pakistan has launched the most popular online free course program e-Roozer which will teach all the information technology through which the youth generation can earn millions online and overcome their unemployment. would have

Through this program people will be taught how they can earn money online and grow their business online. Earning online is considered a fraud in the country because there is no one to teach it properly. is, therefore designed by the Government of Pakistan. Jobs, but all efforts have been added online to help earn money.

The purpose of this program is to know how to use all internet based freelancing courses.

Eligibility Criteria:

E-Employment Program has set a criteria for inclusion and those who meet it are included in the program.

Both men and women can enroll in this program.

You must have master’s degree.
Make sure you are unemployed.
If you meet the information, you will be admitted to the program.
E-employment login

You should be 35 years old and no less than 21 years old to sign up for the program.

The registration procedure in e-employment is designed in a very simple way. People who want to earn online and earn money sitting at home can join this program and cofactor lakhs of rupees per month. This is a very good step by the government of Pakistan.

Following are the registration procedure by following all these instructions you can enroll yourself in this program.

How do I apply for the e-employment training program?

First of all you need to visit the e-employment website.
There you need to tap on join.

There you will be requested a few records which you need to submit there.
After a few moments, you will receive a confirmation message on your mobile.
Note that you must be a graduate to enroll in this program.

Register online here

After some time you will get a message that you are eligible for this program.
Come back and log in or log in to the website with your username and password.
After that, you choose a course that works for you.
You are also given percentage after completing the course duration.

E-employment portal

A website has been created for e-employment in which all students who want to earn online can enroll in LMS and also take online classes on daily basis for each course duration. Held for three months, you will also be given video-recorded lectures upon completion of the course.

Students will be notified via email on a daily basis that you have a lecture today.

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