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EaSTE Training Module 2 Unit 1 Solved Quiz

EaSTE Training Module 2 Unit 1 Solved Quiz

EaSTE Preparing Module 2 Unit 1 Settled Test

The EaSTE preparing program is a far reaching proficient improvement program for elementary teachers in Punjab, Pakistan. This program is intended to assist educators with further developing their English language abilities and capacity to instruct English to their understudies.

Module 2 of the EaSTE preparing program centers around oral correspondence.In this module, teachers learn about different aspects of oral communication, such as pronunciation, stress, and intonation. They also learn how to help their students develop their oral communication skills.

The final quiz for Module 2 of the EaSTE training program covers the following topics:

Helping learners with phonological problems
Sentence stress
Replies to the test questions are as per the following:

Question 1: What are the three principal parts of verbal correspondence?

Answer: Three important aspects of oral communication are pronunciation, stress and intonation.

Question 2: What is pronunciation?

Answer: Pronunciation is the way we make the sounds of a language.

Question 3: What is stress?

Answer: Stress is the stress we place on certain syllables in a word or phrase.

Question No. 4: What is Inference?

Answer: When we speak, our voice rises and falls.

Question 5:ow can we help learners with phonological problems?

Answer: We can help learners with vocal problems by providing them with clear instructions on how to produce the sounds correctly. We can also provide opportunities for them to practice producing sounds in different contexts.

Question 6: What is stress?

Answer: Stress is the stress we place on certain syllables in a word or phrase. Stress can be primary or secondary. Essential pressure is the most grounded pressure in a word. Optional pressure is pressure more vulnerable than essential pressure.
Question 7: What is the tense of the sentence?

Answer: Sentence stress is the emphasis we place on certain words in a sentence. The words we stress are usually the most important words in a sentence.

Question 8: What is innovation?

Answer: Innovation is the use of different techniques to make our speech more interesting and engaging. Some advancement strategies incorporate utilizing different pitch designs, utilizing stops, and utilizing motions.

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