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E  Transfer Schedule 2022 punjab School Education department
E Transfer Schedule 2022

E Transfer Schedule 2022 punjab School Education department

E-Move Timetable 2022 || Branch of Schools Training Punjab

Critical No. SIS.HRMIS/DIR(ADMN) 5467
First concern
Time Cutoff
Directorate of Public Guidance (EE)
Punjab, Lahore
All CEOs,
Locale Instruction Authority.
In Punjab
Adjustment of information on Sister entryway
Idea for theme.
Nonstop course of information update/remedy on Sister entryway
Expanding straightforwardness and merit is significant. Another period of
E-Move for all classifications will be planned for the principal seven day stretch of December.
The accompanying undertakings should be finished before the beginning of another round.

Labeling all advanced educators for their realness
Update of SNE posts in recently overhauled school.
Adjustment of instructor information (if any).
Update of information of resigned educators (overage
60 years) (list previously sent).
You are mentioned to accelerate the improvement interaction.
Educators, all things considered. This interaction ought to be finished by November 25.
2022 as a matter of course, with the goal that all suitable posts in the forthcoming round of e-move
Delineations ought to be made for the accommodation of the candidate. The concerned power will
Any mistakes in the information will be considered capable.New E transfer Policy 2022 Punjab
(Rana Abdul Qayyum Khan)
Overseer of Public Guidance (EE)
Punjab, Lahore
Central Individual Sister/HRMIS-SED
PS to Secretary School Training Division, Legislature of Punjab

New Most recent E-Move Strategy 2022 School Instruction Office Punjab Govt

I’m coordinated to express that the Main Clergyman/Authority has supported the School Training Office’s ‘E-Move Strategy 2022’ (duplicate encased). The goal of the strategy is to foster a far reaching and complete answer for the issues of trade of educators of SED. This e-move strategy is supposed to significantly further develop straightforwardness, administration conveyance and will go far towards dispensing with watchfulness and likely maltreatment of force.E transfer schedule 2022 Punjab

New Exchange Strategy Central issues for conversation in SED Punjab

E  Transfer Schedule 2022 punjab School Education department
E Transfer Schedule 2022

System for Online Exchange Applications
Posting of recently enrolled instructors (in light of legitimacy less need)
Posting on In-Administration Advancement (In light of Position)
Characterization standards for move
Models for move according to Understudy Instructor Proportion (STR).E transfer Punjab 2022 Phase 2
Change of forthcoming postings and gave up educators
Change in Quaid-e-Azam Foundation for Instructive Turn of events (QAED).
Proportional exchange
Regulatory exchange.

Complaint Redressal (Audit Panel)
Legitimacy of framework produced orders
Opening of moves
Manual orders.E transfer Punjab Education Department

All exchanges of showing staff will be finished through the Schools Data Framework (Sister) as it were. Further, move/posting against in-administration advancement, difficulty grounds (for example widow, separated, handicapped, wedded, clinical grounds), shared, open legitimacy and recently selected educators are likewise enlisted in the School Data Framework (Sister). will be finished through

Instructors/Teachers can apply online for their exchange/posting through login secret key on School Data Framework (Sister), will join important archives expected in School Data Framework (Sister).
The instructor/teacher will furnish the first archives joined with the application to the concerned Area Schooling Authority (DEA) for check.E transfer Punjab september 2022 schedule
Temporary legitimacy rundown, complaint and last legitimacy rundown will be shown on School Data Framework (Sister) gateway. A candidate can really take a look at his/her own legitimacy as well as the value of any remaining competitors who have applied for move on the School Data Framework (Sister) gateway.
Instructors/Instructors can likewise bring up criticisms on their own legitimacy or value of different educators/teachers through School Data Framework (Sister).
Instructors/Teachers will present their reaction against protests of Locale Training Authority (DEA) through School Data Framework (Sister) and furthermore join applicable reports.
School Data Framework (Sister) will create QR coded move request for chosen applicants.

Posting of recently selected educators (in light of legitimacy less need)
Recently enlisted educators will be posted in independent cycle according to division prerequisite arranged by their choice legitimacy. Exceptional consideration will be given to intense deficiency of educators.

A manual deal letter of arrangement will be given to the chose competitor by the designating authority. Subsequent to tolerating the proposition letter, the delegating authority will label him as “New Instructor” on the School Data Framework (Sister) alongside the deal letter of arrangement gave to the chose competitor alongside the up-and-comer’s Alongside the acknowledgment letter gave. Alloted Legitimacy No
Opening will be shown on the School Data Framework (Sister) entrance according to the prerequisite of the division.SIS Punjab E transfer 2022 watchlist

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