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Christine McVies 12 Essential Songs
Christine McVies 12 Essential Songs

Christine McVies 12 Essential Songs

16 Essential Christine McVie Songs

Christine McVie served as the beating heart of Fleetwood Mac. The band bounced back more than once, but through it all, he was a steady, majestic presence that kept the group grounded in its cause.

Born Christine Perfect, the English singer-songwriter began a long and varied career in the mid-sixties, when she began performing around the UK blues scene. She would join the band Chicken Shack but inevitably leave after marrying Fleetwood Mac bassist John McVie and joining his band. The rest was more than history: what McVeigh created with several incarnations of the group’s lineup would change the history of rock and pop.

Although her beginnings were in the blues, McVeigh became most notable for her strong grasp of pop melodies and hooks. She would help translate the band’s seventies rock sound into eighties synths, and keep the best-sellers at the top for longer than anyone would have expected. .

Although she retired in 1998, McVeigh couldn’t stay away from music for long. In his final years, he toured again with the band’s classic line-up. His last album, released in 2017, was made as a duo with Lindsay Buckingham (with support from Mick Fleetwood and John McVie). It proved to be a true testament to his enduring, unwavering abilities on all fronts.

In celebration of her life, here are some of Christine McVie’s best and most essential songs.

When the train returns

Christine McVie mastered spinning pop radio gold for Fleetwood Mac in the Seventies—but first, she became a part of the band because of her deep connection to the blues. On the 1968 debut LP from Chicken Shack, the band with which he got his start, he wrote a solo lament that fits in with covers of classics by Freddie King and John Lee Hocker. Unless you “C. Perfect in the songwriting credits. Chicken Shack wasn’t quite Zeppelin (“We had an underground following,” he later observed wryly), but his rich “When the Train Comes Back” , shows a star in creating smoky sounds. McVeigh released her first solo album under her already memorable birth name Christine Perfect. She made her 1970 solo debut with the Chicken Shack and her stints in the Fleetwood Mac Band. Told Between, continued the blues flavor of both bands. The album is a mix of classic covers and perfect originals. Standouts were previous hits with Chicken Shack, her soulful and mournful cover of Etta James’ “I’d Rather Go Blind.” “. His masterful performance on the song would nod to ballads from McVie to come, such as “Oh Daddy” and “Songbird”. – B.S.

show me a smile

Christine McVies 12 Essential Songs
Christine McVies 12 Essential Songs

A beautiful throwback to Fleetwood Mac’s Danny Kirwan/Bob Welch era, “Show Me a Smile” is the penultimate song from their 1971 album Future Games, a slow, slow-flowing ballad from the perspective of a new parent. is sung that is welcoming a child. In the world, full of fragile hope and a heartbreaking sense of life’s difficult road ahead. “Soon you’ll be a man/My little one/So have fun while you can/Or there won’t be any,” sings McVey, who never had children himself. “I never found the right man. Not for want of trying,” she once said. – JD

Leave me a little bit of your love

One of McVie’s gifts was his ability to write and sing about romantic longing without ever sounding desperate or sad. Even when she was falling in love, she kept her dignity. His contributions to Bob Welch-era Mac showed this side of him beautifully, with the groove and bounce of some of his later poppier songs (with some great churning organ). McVeigh makes her case for more time with someone in her life (“Now I know how the sun must feel/ Every time it shines”). But as always, she seems level-headed and sensible. Her warm delivery suggests that her quest may be futile even as she basks in the highs of new love. – DB
say you love me’

On “Say You Love Me” Christine McVie sings “Have mercy, on a poor girl like me” and “Say You Love Me.” His gentle take on the song helped turn Fleetwood Mac into hitmakers. The band didn’t chart for half a decade by the time they released their 1975 self-titled LP, but they scored two hits with “Say You Love Me” and Stevie Nicks’ “Rhiannon,” both of which Reached number 11. With the lush harmonies of the chorus and the soft groove of “Say You Love Me,” they settled on the sound that would define their seventies soft rock era. “The first time I started playing ‘Say You Love Me,’ and I got to the chorus, [Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham] started singing with me and fell into it,” she once said. “I heard this incredible sound – our three voices … and my skin turned into gooseflesh.” – kg.

over my head’

When Christine’s effortless gift for melody meets the bouncy, golden soft rock production of Fleetwood Mac’s classic era, the results are pure pop hen. She walked in. That sumptuous mid of a song in the Buckingham/Knicks years in 75With Tempo Bubble Bath, everything—what else? – A love that makes you feel either really, really good or functionally awful. “I’m in over my head,” she sang, voice warm enough to dispel any doubts. “But it sure looks good.” – S.V.L.
you have fun with love’

The romantic drama and turmoil of the Buckingham-Knicks breakup often overshadows a similarly messy divorce between the McVeys. Christine had her biting words to end her relationship with John, but she did it in her own wonderful way. On “You Make Loving Fun”, McVeigh sings about her affair with her band’s lighting director Cary Grant. The result is a beautiful and tender take on their short-lived romance, which makes for one of the few romantic songs on the album. To keep the peace with her husband at the time, however, she told John it was about their dog. – B.S
don’t stop

As Fleetwood Mac all but broke up amid rumours, Christine McVie saw a glimmer of hope in the darkness. He wrote the upbeat “Don’t Stop,” which he sang with Lindsey Buckingham, simply as a meditation on positivity: “Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow … it’ll be here soon,” the chorus goes. “Yesterday is gone.” “‘Don’t stop’ was just a feeling,” he once said. “It seemed like a pleasant revelation.” She wasn’t alone in that feeling: The song became a number three hit on the Billboard charts, and 15 years later it became the theme song for Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential bid. “It sure would be a great song for an insurance company,” McVey once joked. “But I’m definitely not a pessimist. I’m basically a love song writer.” – kg.


Christine McVies 12 Essential Songs
Christine McVies 12 Essential Songs

In this 1977 ballad, McVeigh’s voice aches with devotion, though it’s unclear if the relationship is destined to grow or if it’s unrequited. “I wish you all the love in the world,” she sings. “But most of all, I want it for myself.” One of McVie’s four solo writing credits on Rumors , it’s also the title track from his latest release, Songbird (A Solo Collection), which came out in June. The only Fleetwood Mac song on an album of solo work, it is included as a new orchestral version. McVeigh’s yearning vocals are paired with Vince Mendoza’s swelling orchestral arrangement, but nothing really beats the romance of his sparse piano score. – A. Marx
think of me’

“Think About Me” is a song from Mac’s apocalyptic 1979 double album Tusk that retains the sunshine of his mid-seventies greatest hits, and is a bit of a bummer considering that fans of the rest What you’re going to get from the record. It’s a McVie-Buckingham writing credit, with a sultry solo and lyrics that hint at resignation and loneliness within the California dream of free love, a song McVie effortlessly delivers. Listening radio is a perfect example of rock’s ability to tap into deep human ambiguity. –

over and over again’

On Tusk , Fleetwood Mac — especially Buckingham — was happy to toy with the band’s sound and tone things down when necessary. McVeigh was apparently not against this approach either. Reflecting on whatever relationship she was in at the time (probably Beachboy Dennis Wilson, whom she was dating during this period), “Over and Over” is uncharacteristically sad for her: “I Don’t take away / And don’t let me go. Down / What can I do to keep you around?” He and the band marry that message with a simple, catchy melody and a backbeat that locks in a melancholic mood. It is like the most impenetrable hymn in the world. – DB
Catch me’

Fleetwood Mac’s biggest hit since “Don’t Stop” began as an unfinished number that McVeigh wrote with singer-songwriter Robbie Patton. McVeigh sang the song himself on the demo, but it soon turned into one of his most famous duets with Lindsey Buckingham (the song was a highlight of the duo’s last tour together in 2017). “Some of these things just happen organically,” McVey later said of turning the song into a duet with Buckingham. “I don’t think it was a plan… it just became clear to me that Lindsay was going to do it eventually.
little lie

Christine McVies 12 Essential Songs
Christine McVies 12 Essential Songs

McVeigh’s ability to create some of the most instinctively catchy and satisfying tunes in pop history was unmatched during Fleetwood Mac’s eighties. This sparkling tango in Night Cut was co-written by McVeigh and her then-husband Eddie Quintella and further helped establish them as one of rock music’s most enduring and best-selling bands. “Little Lies” had Fleetwood Mac firing on all cylinders: McVeigh’s pillowy-soft vocal performance is defined by Buckingham and Nicks’ furious harmonies and interjections, hard-earned by the band’s three singers. Working in unity. “Little Lies” would be the band’s most recent Top 10 hit.

This synth-heavy, shimmering gem of a tango proves that McVeMac was a pop mastermind. It was the band’s last single to crack the top 20 in the US, a feat McVeigh seemed to find easy. “I don’t,” he told us in 1977, “struggle over my songs. That’s what I write.What is required of me. I don’t really write about myself, which keeps me in a safe little cocoon. . . . I’m a pretty basic love song writer.

Christine McVies 12 Essential Songs

Feel about yourself.”

After ending his semi-retirement in 2014 to rejoin Fleetwood Mac, McVie also created some creative inspiration by joining Buckingham in the studio to record some new material. The end result is McVie’s final album, the collaborative reunion Lindsey Buckingham Christine McVie. The LP, featuring the iconic rhythm sections of Mick Fleetwood and John McVie, is a pure celebration of the studio magic and chemistry he and Buckingham have always had together. “Feel About You” is a bubbly insta-classic that sounds like no time has passed between “Everywhere” and now.Christine McVie net worth
What songs did Christine McVie write for Fleetwood Mac?
In the 80s

In 1987, the reconstituted Fleetwood Mac released “Tango in the Night,” which included two hits written by Ms. McVie, “Everywhere” and “Little Lies.” (“Little Lies” was written with Portuguese musician and songwriter Eddy Quintala, whom she had married a year earlier. They would divorce in 2003.)
Where is Christine McVie now?
You must enable JavaScript in your browser to play this video. Christine McVie, who played with Fleetwood Mac and wrote some of their best-known songs, has died aged 79, her family has said. The British singer-songwriter was behind hits including Little Lies, Everywhere, Don’t Stop, You Love Me and Songbird.Fleetwood Mac songs

Is Christine McVie of Fleetwood Mac dead?
30 November 2022
Christine McVie / Died.
When was the last time Christine McVie performed with Fleetwood Mac?
McVeigh left Fleetwood Mac in 1998 and has remained largely out of the public eye, despite releasing a solo album in 2004. She rejoined the band for the 2014 tour. Songs written by Stevie Nicks

Christine McVies 12 Essential Songs

Were Stevie Nicks and Christine McVie friends?
The death of Fleetwood Mac’s Christine McVie at the age of 79 on Wednesday shocked many, including her bandmate and close friend Stevie Nicks. In a note posted on Instagram, he wrote, “A few hours ago I was informed that my best friend in the whole world since the first day of 1975 has passed away.
What was Fleetwood Mac’s only number one song in the US?
the dream
In the United States, “Dreams” reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart on June 18, 1977, and held it for one week.

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