Chemistry 10th class Guess Papar 2023 for all Punjab Boards

Chemistry 10th class Guess Papar 2023 for all Punjab Boards

Chemistry 10th class Guess Papar 2023 for all Punjab Boards

Chemistry 10th 2023 for all Punjab Boards

10th class chemistry long question
 Dynamic equilibrium and its properties
 Acid reaction
 Types of salts
 Law of mass action and equilibrium constant
 Acid and base Lewis theory
 Homologous series
 Functional groups
 Alkanes and their halo junction
 Properties or characteristics of alkynes, alkenes and alkanes
 Classification of organic compounds
 Carbohydrates and their forms.

 Acid rain and its effects
 Ozone and its depletion
 Protein sources and their uses
 Vitamins and their types
 Greenhouse effect and global warming
 Water hardness and its types
 Environment and its layers
 Process of salve and its working
 Manufacture of urea.

100% guess Paper 10th Chemistry
Short Questions:

1) Difference and features between forward and rations
2) Equilabrian Constant’s foresight of political and reactionary direction
3) Chemical Equl Labrium
4) Definition, difference and examples of salt, acid and base.
5) Neutralization
6) Uses of acids, salts and bases
7) Example No. 4.10
8) Acids used in the manufacture of fertilizers
9) Organic Chemistry
10) Molecular Formula, Structural Formula
11) Open and Closed China Compounds
12) Iso Marzam

13) Functional groups
14) Homologous
15) Saturated and unsaturated hydrocarbons
16) Alkenes, Alkynes and Alkynes Definition, General Formula and Example
17) (alkanes) uses of methane and ethane
18) Uses of (alkynes) ethene
19) Uses of (Alkynes) Acetyline
20) Questions related to carbohydrates and selection eg difference between glucose and fructose etc
21) What are proteins Why are amino acids called the building blocks of proteins?
22) Fatty acids and examples.
23) Uses of lipids
24) Difference between DNA and RNA
25) Difference between fat soluble and fat soluble parties
26) One question related to Atmospheric and its layers eg formation of ozone etc.
27) Difference between primary and secondary

28) A question on Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming and their effects
29) Effects of acid rain
30) Main causes and effects of ozone hazard
31) Properties of water
32) Water bell solvent
33) Difference between soft and hard water
34) Difference between permanent and temporary hardness and question related to normality
35) Boiler Skills
36) Effects of water pollution
37) Diseases caused by contaminated water
38) Difference between minerals and ores
39) Smelting and Besmerization
40) Gravity Suppression
41) Gang
42) Salve process equation
43) Advantages of salve process
44) Steps in the manufacture of urea
45) Strength of Urea
46) Petroleum
47) Fractional distillation

48 Fractions of residual oil
Developed according to the long scheme.
15+9 long 1
16+12 long 2
10+13 long 3
Try any two 18 numbers.
Textbook of purpose-built exercises.
/Good luck

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