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9th Class Full Syllabus Notes | Download Free PDF Notes
9th Class English Full Notes

9th Class English Full Notes | Download Free PDF Notes

9th class notes

Finding perfect notes on internet is difficult for Pakistani students especially for Lahore Board, Multan Board, FBISE (Federal Board).English Notes for class 9 PDF

That’s why we have published 9th class notes for all subjects at one place for easy download of notes.

I know you want 9th class english notes, and you can’t wait any longer.

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So, is everything set? Let’s explore what the English textbook contains for class 9 students.

Unit 1 – The Savior of Mankind

The first chapter will cover certain aspects of the life of the most revered figure in Islam, the Holy Prophet. This makes it a great introduction to the rest of the course material.

The Prophet’s behavior and his vision of a balanced and harmonious life on earth is based on the integration of the worldly and spiritual dimensions of human life, human reality and relationship with God Almighty.

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Unit 2 – Patriotism

The spirit of patriotism compels us to be alert in the face of foreign inventions. This is the clear purpose of including this chapter in the syllabus. There are many examples of this in the history of Pakistan. 1971, 1965 when people sacrificed their lives to defend the country. All the martyred patriots were awarded Nishan Haider, the highest military award.

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Unit 3 – Media and its effects

Unit three moves to a contemporary topic and the niche media of life. If the media is not allowed to play its role, fake news in newspapers and TV channels can raise blood pressure, create sensationalism and negative emotions. Mind audience. Overexposure to media can also lead to health problems. Children learn violence by watching movies and TV shows. Middle-aged people are engrossed in TV serials and show great interest in raising social status by wasting money.

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Unit 4 – Hazrat Asma

This unit provides students with another role model for the history of Islam. Hazrat Asmaa (RA) was so generous that when she inherited a garden after the death of her sister Hazrat Aisha (RA), she sold it and gave away all the gardens to her. Among the poor and needy felt more happiness than those who received money and gifts.

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9th Class Full Syllabus Notes | Download Free PDF Notes
9th Class English Full Notes

Unit 5 – Daffodils

A little break from the prose section is introduced by this famously delightful poem by William Wordsworth. There are probably moments in our lives that we replay in our memory – images that pictures or videos can’t do justice to because they can’t capture the feeling we have. In this poem. William Wordsworth captures both the images and feelings of a particular moment in his life. The poem pays homage to nature in all its glory. It not only beautifully presents us with the enchanting and mesmerizing beauty of nature but also its purifying and lasting effects on human beings.

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Unit 6 – Quaid’s vision and Pakistan

Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was born on 25 December 1876 in Wazir Mansion of Lower Sindh, Karachi. He was the first of seven children of Jinnah Bhai, a wealthy and successful Gujarati businessman. He had migrated from Gujarat to Sindh before Jinnah’s birth. His grandfather’s name is Poonja Gokuldas which is an Indian name. His cast was Rajput which is an Indian cast but these Rajputs had accepted Islam. The textbook is full of famous personalities. Another was added by Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. His background, education, political and judicial career will be discussed with relevance to the formation of a nation in the subcontinent.
The future citizens of Pakistan, students of class 9, will learn a lot from this bright chapter.

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Unit 7 – Sultan Ahmed Mosque

The theme of the unit is to highlight the importance of Islamic architecture. The world of Islam has a wonderful heritage of art and architecture in which they have excelled throughout history. Mosques have always been a prominent feature of Islamic architecture. This article not only highlights the grandeur of Masjid Sultan but also sheds light on the skill and ability of the architects of that time.
You can find the relevant notes here:

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Unit 8 – Winding Through the Woods on a Snowy Evening

Back with another poem. A profound and meaningful poem written by the American romantic poet, Robert Frost, this poem alludes to the alluring and haunting beauty of nature as well as the need to pursue the everyday affairs of life. The world of fantasy is very exciting. But a balance must be maintained between the world of reality and imagination.

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Unit 9 – All is not lost.

Nursing is a low status profession in Pakistan. We don’t value it the way we do VAs. Look for other professions. The story highlights the importance of nursing profession and how a nurse’s sincere efforts and determination saves a patient from the near-death stage.

Teachers teach students the importance of professions and to work honestly and sincerely and to do the best for themThe need should be informed.

Find the relevant notes to download or view here:

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Unit 10 – Drug addiction

This unit is a great reminder for a social evil that affects the whole world especially the youth.

The theme revolves around the side effects of drug addiction. It also refers to the importance of rehabilitation centers in the treatment of drug addicts. It highlights the important role that counseling plays in helping people lead healthy lives.

Find notes for this chapter here.

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Unit 11 – Noise in the environment

This lesson provides awareness about the negative effects of noise pollution on human and animal health. It describes the major contributors to noise pollution and how they affect mental and physical health. It also suggests various solutions to deal with the problem of noise pollution.

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Unit 12 – Three days to see

This chapter is taken from Helen Keller’s autobiography.

Sometimes I have thought that it would be a good rule of thumb to live each day as if we were to die tomorrow. Such an attitude will greatly emphasize the values of life. We must live each day with a gentleness, enthusiasm, and appreciation that is often lost when time passes before us in a continuous scenario of days and months and years to come.

Of course there are those who will adopt the motto “eat, drink, and be merry” but most people will be punished by the conviction of death.9th Class Full Syllabus Notes

Find the notes for this chapter in this link:

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9th Class English Full Notes

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